Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Danielle Powers -- Krogan Shotgun (Mass Effect)

Bringing up the rear of the Concept Art II class, here we go! So I added a little of an affiliation to my weapon: The Blood Pack is a mercenary group in the Terminus Systems. Their leader is usually a Krogan Battlemaster. The painted insignia on the side of the guard is representative of the group. 

Critique Welcome :) 


  1. Yayeee YAYEE! Looks awesome, yo. Hmmmm... Critique... Not much to say! I remember looking at the ME weapons in your mag, and in your ME Concept Art book, and I noticed the weapons had a bit of white, or other colors on their weapons... Seems like I saw a lot of white, gray, and orange - or maybe that was just one gun, I dunno... Anyway, would your weapon still fall into the same category if it had a little more white paint, or really any color of paint on different parts of the gun? Like on the part that curves up, or on that chunk of metal that goes down the metal? I really like the orange though, and the light blue contrasting light looks legit. One critique that comes to mind is only a tiny finicky thing, which is just on the connections, like the screws or bolts that hold the gun together -- I think it would be cool if they had just a little extra contrast between highlights and shadows, just to bring them out a bit more. If you're looking at the smaller image, before you blow it up, the screw holes look like they might just be dents in the gun. Speaking of, that gun looks all tattered and beaten to hell - I love it.

  2. This is a sick weapon Dani! I love the differences in the brushed metal as opposed to the roughly cut, dented, or textured metals. The little light flares are marvelously done and totally just sell this as a Sci-fi weapon. Great choice of contrasting colors between the darker orange and the light blue flares. Excellent choice adding the mercenary insignia too. It places it right in the Mass Effect world and really seems to plus up that area of the weapon. If I had any complaints, I'd be with Scott on his idea of giving the viewer extra little details about the construction of the weapon (and as the weapons creator, do you recommend I use screws, nails, clamps or some of each when I recreate this and try to blend amongst the Blood Pack ranks?)